Advanced Bronchoscopy

A Brief On Advanced Bronchoscopy:

The role of advanced brochoscopy lies in detecting the stages of lung cancer. The chances have majorly increased in recent years. Bronchoscopic imaging techniques became widely available and straightforward to use. Technical improvement led to merging in technologies and it made the bronchoscopy process much easier. New tools, like auto fluorescence imagining (AFI), narrow band imaging (NBI) are introduced in respiratory endoscopy suites. Such advancements of the process called endobronchial ultrasound (EBUS) improved minimally invasive way of diagnosing lung cancer.

The best part is that this system is now available in most of the top-notch centres performing bronchoscopy as you can easily find doctors doing EBUS in Kolkata.  Electromagnetic navigation technology (EMN) is additionally widely used for diagnosis of lung cancer. Future development will definitely cause new improvements in technology and creation of latest sophisticated tools for research in respiratory endoscopy. Broncho-microscopy, alveoloscopy, optical coherence tomography are a number of the new research techniques emerging for rapid technological development.