Obstructive Sleep Apnea

It is one of the common and serious disorders which cause you to stop breathing during sleep. Usually, the airway becomes blocked repeatedly and it limits the amount of air that reaches your lungs. During this condition, an affected person might make choking noises while trying to breathe or might snore loudly.

This condition can make you wake up in the morning feeling un-refreshed and tired even though you had a full night of sleep.

The chances of developing sleep apnea are more common in middle-aged men when compared to women. However, there are cases of this condition in women as well but the risk of developing it occurs only after one reaches menopause.

Sleep apnea can cause dangerous complications if left untreated. A number of these major complications include irregular heartbeat, stroke, high blood pressre, diabetes, and even heart attack.

Sleep apnea also can enhance the danger of developing depression and may impact relationships, both at work and as well as home.

Sleep apnea may be a common under-diagnosed disorder because the bulk of people believes that getting to bed and falling asleep immediately signifies good sleep. However, it’s not a healthy thing; people that can nod off anywhere at any time may have this disease. In such cases, consulting the best pulmonologist in Kolkata would be a great idea.