Flexible Bronchoscopy

A Brief On Bronchoscopy:

Bronchoscopy is a medical test performed to look inside your lungs. After supplying you with medicine to help you feel sleepy, the doctor puts a surgical device down your mouth or nose into your lungs. Through the device the doctor can:

  • Whether any bleeding is coming from your lungs
  • Get samples of mucus to see for infection
  • Take a little piece of tissue to see for cancer
  • Remove a far off tissue from your lungs for examination

Why Is  Bronchoscopy Performed ?

Doctors use a bronchoscopy to scan warning signs such as:

  • Bleeding within the lungs
  • Lung damage from inhaling smoke
  • A foreign body that you simply choked on, like a peanut
  • Lung cancer

What Happens During The Bronchoscopy Test?

Before the procedure begins, you’re given few medicines which help you to relax for sometimes or put you to sleep. For your safety, you should not eat for a minimum of 6 hours before the bronchoscopy test. Doctors spray a numbing medicine in your throat. In some cases, doctors doing bronchoscopy, thread the tiny flexible tube through your mouth or nose and into your lungs.