A Brief On Thoracoscopy:

Thoracoscopy is known to be a medical procedure which a doctor uses to look at the space inside the chest (outside of the lungs). This is often initiated with a thoracoscope. A thorasoscope is a thin, flexible tube with a light-weight and a little video camera on the top. The tube is put in through a little cut made near the lower end of the scapula between the ribs. Thoracoscopy is usually done as a part of a VATS procedure, which is brief for video assisted thoracic surgery.

Why Do You Need Thoracoscopy?

There are a couple of reasons you would possibly need a thoracoscopy:

  • To find out why you’re having lung problems
  • This test is employed to look for the causes of problems within the lungs (such as trouble breathing or expulsion blood).
  • You have a suspicious area in your chest that must be checked

Thoracoscopy are often done to check out an abnormal area seen on an imaging test. It can also be performed to take biopsy samples of lymph nodes, abnormal lung tissue, the chest wall, or the liner of the lung. It’s commonly used for people with carcinoma and mesothelioma.