Dr Jash is no less than a God to us..our father was almost on the verge of being detected with suspected lung malignancy..he performed a bronchoscopy for the same and to our utter surprise he extracted a coin sized foreign body which was stuck in the lung airways which was causing infection and pneumonia….it was a difficult task but he did it then and there successfully … he could have left it and made more money out of it but he did not…….I cannot thank Dr Jash enough…my heartfelt good wishes and pranams…May God bless him for all the good he has done to us and to others.

interstitial lung disease treatmentRanjit Sinha

Dr Debraj Josh treated my wife suffering from Covid infection with moderately gross lungs involvement with breathing trouble.He had taken sincere care & successfully treated my wife starting from admission to discharge & follow up.
His & his colleagues’ efforts at patient care had been very impressive & exemplary.
My heartfelt thanks .God bless you & your team.

interstitial lung disease treatmentDipankar Goswami

He is truly amazing and definitely a person whom you can trust in one go.
My father was admitted under his supervision and he took great care of him. The way he diagnosed was truly amazing. He made my dad perfectly fit ( from a person who was bed ridden for 10 days to a person who rides bike and goes to work ).

I was suffering from cough for past 2 years and after he diagnosed me and gave proper medications my cough was gone in 10-15 days.
I am till under his medications and he is the one whom I can trust always.

Only and only because of him, I can now lead my normal life without any second thought that I might catch cold.

interstitial lung disease treatmentSubham Saha

Dr Debraj Sir is superb , the most beautiful part of him is he gives patient lots of confidence and moral support. This nature also make patient family more satisfying toward him. Thank God that we are blessed with such kind-hearted person around us.

Thank you Sir, this word is also less to express the help you are providing.

interstitial lung disease treatmentSusma Ladha

My father (Mohammed Mohiuddin, 76 yrs old) was admitted under Dr Jash in Apollo. My father suffered from SEVERE Covid infection. Dr Jash’s treatment resulted in remarkable recovery, and my father is back home from almost the edge. I owe my father’s life to this doctor. I hope I would have opportunity to meet him in person and communicate my gratitude.

Dr Jash is man of few words but his treatment speaks volumes. I wish more people are fortunate like me to place their dear ones in such expert hands.

interstitial lung disease treatmentEhtasham Uddin

Best Pulmonologist in Kolkata and even a better human being. I have known him for years. He is very down to earth, cares for his patients. Though very busy, always carries a friendly smile and answers your queries. Personally he saved me from dying and protected me like a brother.

Thank you Debraj da. Wish you lots of success.

interstitial lung disease treatmentSourav Agarwala

Honestly, Dr. Jash is probably one of the few remaining doctors in India that actually care about their patients. He has shown the utmost care and compassion for my fiancé when she was in dire need of medical attention. He has ALWAYS picked up our calls, no matter the situation or time, and always answered our queries. He took his time to explain everything to us quite calmly. I have seen him go back and forth from the hospital and OPD, looking after his patients everywhere, taking care of them. He also doesn’t leave his post until all the patients are taken care of.

Dr. Debraj Jash is fine gentleman and an excellent, probably the best, pulmonologist in Kolkata. He possesses all the qualities of a good human being and grear doctor.

Thank you for everything and thank you for saving my fiancés’ life. We owe you a debt of gratitude.

interstitial lung disease treatmentSourish Datta

It is possible to find doctors of comparable competence, but it is difficult to find a doctor with as much warmth and empathy as Dr. Jash. I interacted with Dr. Jash in the course of him treating my mother-in-law for COVID-19 followed by Dengue. The way he went beyond his call of duty to ensure the best treatment for her is truly exceptional and genuinely appreciated. I wish him the best of luck in his career and hope he brings many more smiles to the faces of his patients and their relatives.

interstitial lung disease treatmentSuchita Biswas

Dr Debraj Jash was very caring to my father and cured him from Covid. We had tough days as I was away and could not take care of my father. Dr Debraj Jash made sure, my father was cured completely and gave him positive vibes. I would like to thank him for his guidance and care. GOD bless him!

interstitial lung disease treatmentGairik Roy

Dr Debraj sir is not only a very good clinician but also a humble person. He very well treated my father Mr Sukhram Herenj till his end, his politeness towards his patients and thier families is a great thing . We are really grateful to sir for taking good care of our father.
Thank you sir.

interstitial lung disease treatmentSujit Bhengra

I think Dr. Debraj, is a phenomenal doctor. Given that I’ve made that statement it is certain, he is great in his field of practice, however, his personality is what stood out for me. He is super down to earth and will take care of your loved one. Thank you Sir.

More success to you in the coming years ✊🙏

interstitial lung disease treatmentVedant Agarwal

My mother is suffering from PAH and is under his treatment. We are very much satisfied.

interstitial lung disease treatmentJayeeta Chowdhury