Before the scare of Post Covid Fibrosis, lung fibrosis was a rare disease which attacked the tissues of lungs making it harder to breathe along with other complications. Commonly known as Pulmonary Fibrosis, the tissues of lungs which are scarred and don’t work anymore. With time or due to any other external factors if this fibrosis grows in amount, then the risk of Pulmonary Fibrosis grows linearly. Hence it is very important to not ignore any symptoms and it is best to control the scarring of lung tissues before it is too late. Adding the Covid-19 factor, it becomes even more delicate to keep this out of the way. The best Covid specialists in Kolkata have been researching and learning about new ways to learn about Post Covid Fibrosis.

How to understand:

The below mentioned details help in discovering the initial stages of Post Covid Fibrosis.

  • Lung fibrosis doesn’t happen overnight. It is a long-term illness which starts from a long time before it is diagnosed.
  • If the patient has been tested positive for Covid-19, then a CT Scan or PFT after 3 to 4 weeks of being tested is best to learn if the patient has Lung Fibrosis or not.
  • Being tested positive for Covid-19 is not the only factor which helps in inducing Lung Fibrosis. Other factors such as drug induced or even an agent due to which there occurs an infection or allergy to the lungs can be a catalyst for this disease.
  • The best bronchoscopy specialists in Kolkata will tell you which causes have caused inflammations which are severe and deep-rooted in the lungs that help activate this disease.

Who are most at risk?

Similarly, like Covid-19, senior citizens are more at risk for development of Post Covid Fibrosis. People of old age will have to deal with worst effects of Covid-19 and other diseases that come with it, like pneumonia and other lung diseases.

Not limiting itself to just age, Post Covid Fibrosis also targets people who have diabetes, hypertension or have lung illness such as lung infection to both lungs, oxygen depletion and people who depend on mechanical ventilation. All these factors are well explained by the best chest specialist in Kolkata.

Examining Post Covid Fibrosis:

Because Covid-19 itself is a respiratory lung disease, it makes the chances of inducing Lung Fibrosis even higher. In the one year of this virus being present worldwide, it is yet questionable to understand and analyze Post Covid Fibrosis completely. The best pulmonologist in Kolkata and every other doctor are working on how these fibrotic abnormalities are found in patients. Till now, early analysis has shown that more than a third recovered patients have contacted this disease.


Studying the patients and the effects, the best chest specialist in Kolkata have found that steroids, antifibrotic drugs have been found to have helped. Although these drugs can’t fully help recover from this disease but have been found to decrease the speed of this disease spread across the lungs.