Where it all began:

No matter how much we rejoice over the fact that staying at home gives us more time with our family, we can’t forget what is going on outside. For more than a year now, we all have been desperately waiting for some good news to come out. There have been ups and downs, but since last month, the ride has been pretty tough.

Coronavirus or Covid-19 hit the world in November 2019. This virus was soon declared a pandemic by the World Health Organisation in March 2020. Even the best pulmonologists in Kolkata were alarmed.

The first wave:

In September 2020, India saw its highest number of coronavirus cases reported daily. People were in panic and rushing back to their homes. A significant chunk of these included students and migrant workers. The public was desperate to get back home and be with their family to miss out on essential social distancing rules.

To fight this newfound disease, all the best chest specialists in Kolkata went out of their ways to defeat this virus. In densely populated areas, this wave hit hard and fast.

The sudden rise:

Scientists, doctors, and experts still have no definite reason why and how this second wave came to rise. There are only theories but no proof. Many believe that the sudden rise in cases is the new strain of coronavirus. Mutated virus is generally said to be more transmissible but less deadly.

The ease of restrictions has undoubtedly been a catalyst in this surge of numbers. According to the best bronchoscopy specialists in Kolkata, this is not the only reason. Vaccination drives have been slower than anticipated. The government needs to fasten their belts and get people vaccinated as soon as possible.

Is the second wave deadlier than the first?

Looking at both waves’ trends and behavior, we can see how a scientific picture looks like. There was a high rise in September 2020, but by November, numbers decreased until March 2021. The best asthma allergy specialist in Kolkata has found out that the new wave hits more people more quickly.

Shockingly, experts are saying that this is only the start of the second wave. We can’t interpret how high the peak would rise. Similarly, the death rate is also something to be worried about. The first wave hit the older generation, but the second wave is showing no mercy. Statistics show that the young age has been affected more.

Will, there be a third wave:

According to the best covid specialists in Kolkata, if the situation continues, then Covid-19 will be in our lives till the end of 2021. But we, the ordinary people, still can have the upper hand. We can turn the situation on our sides by putting on our masks if we ever go out.

There are speculations of vaccines being given to people of age twenty to forty years. So if your turn comes, do not bat an eye and get vaccinated because the future ahead, don’t look so good.