What’s worse than an incomplete sleep? Snoring, tossing, turning and waking up in a fog, especially when these are happening on a regular basis. Can you relate to the said symptoms? Sleep apnea might be the case to blame for all these. If you are having this condition, your breathing is interrupted while you are sleeping. As a result, you are prone to minor to greater risks.  Haven’t you heard of obstructive sleep apnea? Get ready to be surprised by how common it is.

1. Many People Have It Without Even Knowing It:

As per the doctors doing sleep shely, obstructive sleep apnea is quite a serious and common disorder that affects many.  It is more frequent than you think because it mostly goes undiagnosed. For instance, almost 80% of all the cases of unsatisfying sleep go undiagnosed.

2. OSA Can Be A Life Threat!

When left untreated, sleep apnea can lead you to face dangerous complications. For example, you might be the victim of irregular heartbeat, heart failure, blood pressure, stroke, heart attack, and diabetes.  In addition, sleep apnea can also make you prone to depression. Furthermore, it can badly impact your relationships; both at work and at home.

3. You Might Confuse It With Depression Or Fatigue

Are you wondering why is it overlooked so often? The answer is (-)the symptoms are so broad Beyond the bedtime symptoms and sleep interruptions, you may have fatigue, trouble concentrating, depression, a sore throat and a dry mouth or any other symptoms. All these symptoms improve after the treatment of sleep apnea. The next time you start feeling tired during waking hours, consider consulting the best Pulmonologist in Kolkata.


4. It Can Occur At Any Age ( Infants Also)

Yes, infants can be victims too.  The reasons include developmental problems or any other medical conditions.  For example, pediatric obstructive sleep apnea is very common among infants.  Along with it, adenoids and large tonsils can also block the children’s airway during sleep.

5. Another Reason To Gain Weight!

Sleep apnea leads you to gain a few pounds. Yes, you read that right. No matter how annoying it is for you, it can make you gain weight. Having a check on your weight can improve your breathing during sleep.


To conclude, if your primary health care provider has referred you a diagnosis for sleep apnea, look for the top 10 pulmonologists in Kolkata and go to the best one.