Have you been suffering with your respiratory problems? Your primary health care physician must have recommended a visit to a reputable and qualified pulmonologist.

Seeking a specialist’s help is necessary because medical care and attention is required even if you have just a small breathing issue.  Doctors doing Pulmonology will apply the right methods to provide you with the right solution, regardless of the pulmonary problem you have.

 What To Expect From A Pulmonologist? 

A well-skilled and knowledgeable pulmonologist understands that good health starts with you. Therefore, they will make sure that you are fully involved in your pulmonary care.

 Diagnosis Process: 

First of all, while you visit a specialist, the first thing you should expect is a diagnosis of your issue. This is a must because there are different conditions that affect the respiratory system. You need to figure out what is your case and that’s possible only when you cooperate with your medical advisor.

 What To Expect At Your First Consultation Session?

The first time you go into the doctor’s office, make sure you bring all your insurance and medical information. For instance, whether you have any old records of a treatment received from any other doctors. It might include a chest x-ray, a pulmonary function test, a sleep study, a blood test report, an echocardiogram, etc. Also, write down a list of the medications you consume regularly. Make sure to note down the dose of each and the time you consume them. It includes eye drops, vitamins and over the counter medicines.

 Be Prepared To Answer Questions About You And Your Family’s Medical History:  

During your consultation session, you might be asked for your history of major illness and surgeries, along with your smoking history. Make sure you provide the chest doctor in Kolkata with all the correct answers.

One of the major mistakes people often make is ignoring the symptoms. No one likes to be called a hypochondriac! But whenever you are consulting with a pulmonologist, you need to be specific about all your problems. If you don’t cooperate with your health care provider, how can the expert treat you?

  What Are The Possible Symptoms? 

When you are seeking help from the best Chest Specialist in Kolkata for having shortness of breath, or unusual fatigue, try to be specific about more of your symptoms. Your doctor might ask you the below-mentioned questions:

  1. Do you often cough so badly that you can’t catch your breath?
  2. Does coughing make you gasp?
  3. Do you produce sputum while coughing?
  4. Do you often wake up with a headache?

However, if you are afraid to go alone for the consultation session, bring someone responsible and sensible along with you.