Are you currently suffering from breathing issues? Have your primary care doctor recommended a visit to a pulmonologist? If yes, then you are on the right track. If you are wondering what does a pulmonologist do? He/she is a specialist who treats your respiratory issues like COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), asthma and emphysema.

Whenever it comes to find a health care expert, you go all the extra miles to find out the best one practicing out there. Have you ever thought what a health care provider is thinking, to begin with? To illustrate, there are lots of active practitioners in the field of pulmonology in different cities of India.

How can you find out the best pulmonologist in Kolkata? What could the specialist be doing differently to improve your condition? Read on for the insider tips on how you can find the best solution that suits your need.

  • Don’t Make Your Pulmonologist Play Detective

All the doctors doing pulmonology need to have a hold on to a patient’s complete medical history. That is why, when you are meeting your pulmonologist for the first time, you need to be honest with him/ her. Go prepared with a summary of health history, medical history, list of medicines and past test results. If you have been under the treatment of other specialists before, you need to mention everything during your current consultation. Again, the call is on you to share all your medical history with your health care provider.

  • Continue Your Medicines, Even If You Feel Better: 

Are you dealing with conditions like COPD or asthma to begin with? You must rely on prescribed medication to receive the best kind of treatment. But are you taking all the meds correctly to keep a check on your health hazards?

However, are you one of them who cut down on their medications when they start feeling a bit better than before? You shouldn’t, since feeling better means that your treatment plan is working. First, you should never stop taking the dosages until the entire course is complete. Also, you should inform your doctor when you are facing any side-effects.

Simply put, you should be prepared before the appointment with the lungs specialist doctor in KolkataIn addition to the health care expert, you need to be responsible for your entire treatment plan as well. Be sure to note down these points so that you don’t forget anything during your consultation with the expert.